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It is our great pleasure to announce the addition of another great DJ to TheRockAsylum's stable of unstable DJs. DJ Fire will be debuting on Monday, Jan. 12th at 6am EST until 10am EST and will be live in that slot every Mon. through Fri. morning! DJ Fire's microphone is broken, and he won't be able to replace it for a short while, but he plans on going on anyway. Come hang with him in the Group Therapy Chatroom and get your morning requests in! It's going to be a great day for rock n roll!
It is also our enthusiastic joy to announce that we are adding yet another DJ to the fold! Ghost in the Machine is coming aboard and will be debuting this coming Thursday, Jan. 15th in the 7 to 10pm EST Slot. Join us as we welcome him to the crew in the Group Therapy Chatroom!